BT Boiler

Technical Specifications :

  • - Our cast iron boilers;
    AT series are at between 300 and 1017 kw capacity intervals
    GT series are at between 320 and 669 kw capacity intervals
    BT series are at between 105 and 300 kw capacity intervals
  • Possibility of burning by Natural gas, LPG and liquid fuel (diesel fuel, Fuel-oil)
  • Section design resistant to thermal shocks by means of elastic casting technology
  • Very long operational life (30 years) by means of cast iron sections resistant against corrosion
  • Uncondensed operation by means of Return Flow System
  • Design in compliance with low temperature systems
  • High efficiency (93%) with low fuel consumption
  • Installation application, not necessitating shunt pump due to Return Flow System
  • 30 % less heat loss by means of special heat isolation, which is not harmful for human and environmental health
  • Possibility of increasing boiler capacity later on by slice addition
  • Easily assembly in slices at the operation place without any wall destruction
  • System, carrying out the by-pass function within itself by means of Return Flow System
  • 5 % cheaper first foundation cost
  • Boilers having the lowest return water temperature among the cast iron boilers with similar construction
  • 93 % efficiency for firing Natural Gas and Diesel Fuels
  • Free assembly and commencement
  • Operation without any problems due to wide and experienced service
  • CE Mark certificates


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