ADARAD Döküm Ürünleri A.Ş.

Adarad is located in lnegol Industrial Organized Zone near Bursa, TURKEY.

The plant was founded in 1987 by KOC Group, on 245310 m2 open area. The total covered area is 55449 m2 now. The company was the part of DemirDokum untill May of 2007.Adametal Group became the sole owner of the company since September 2008.

The foundry is one of major players in the heating sector across Europe. The main product range of Adarad includes gray cast iron radiators, domestic boilers, commercial boilers, gas fired room heaters and fireplaces manufactured with own brand (Adarad) and different brands.

Today, the 50.000 tons capacity greensand foundry has the capability to produce 1,4 million moulds per year with two shift operation which translate into 6.000.000 sections of radiators, 50.000 domestic boilers (up to 70 kW), 5.000 commercial boilers (above 70 kW up to 1 MW) and 150.000 gas fired room heaters.

Adarad manufactures approximately 40% share of total European cast iron radiator market 4% share of total European cast iron boilers market, 80% share of total Turkish cast iron radiator market and 10% share of Turkish cast iron boiler market.